'Part Idiot' available to buy on Bandcamp

IDIAC's award-nominated debut album is released through Pingdiscs, in association with Touched Music.

Pingdiscs excitedly present the debut album from Paul Banks (aka Idiac). Until early 2020, Paul was best known as an award-winning graphic designer, comedy reviewer and promoter. But he’s also been quietly making music since the late 90s, only ever sharing it with friends.

When the pandemic shut down the live events industry, he decided to focus his creative energy on crafting an album, with which to finally announce his presence to the electronic music world.

Reflective, bittersweet melodies combine with chunky breakbeats, dubby basslines and fragile cinematic textures. The result is an accomplished debut that pays respect to a myriad of genres, whilst taking you on a uniquely personal journey through the mind of a caged creative animal.

All tracks written & produced by Paul Banks.
Mixing, mastering & additional production by Darryl Elkins.

This is a
Pingdiscs release raising funds for MacMillan Cancer Support via Touched Music.

“Effortlessly gorgeous... it most certainly is a journey, in the same way that FSOL’s classic 1994 album ’Lifeforms’ is one”
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Nominated for the 2021 Neutron Prize

#13 - best electronic albums of 2021
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