About Idiac

IDIAC is Paul Banks, an electronic musician and graphic designer from Leicester, UK.

He has been composing music since the mid-1990s, but never attempted to release any of it, for reasons known only to himself.

Over the last decade or so, he became increasingly well-known within the live comedy industry as an award-winning designer, former comedy reviewer / festival panellist, and occasional promoter.

When the Coronavirus pandemic shut down all live entertainment in 2020, Paul had nothing to do all of a sudden. So instead of being sensible and getting a real job (or getting on with decorating his house), he dug out his old music software and started spending a decent amount of time composing, for the first time in a decade or so.

A few weeks later, he realised he might have enough decent tracks to self-release an EP. A few weeks later still, he had written a full album and had it post-produced by his old friend Darryl Elkins (aka Lym/Tarsiform).

Upon playing the album to Rich Wilkes (aka Myoptik), Rich was instantly very keen to release it on his Pingdiscs label. And so he did, on 5 May 2021.

Since then, the album has sold out of physical copies, been nominated for a national award and appeared in a 'Best Albums of 2021' list. Idiac has been invited to submit new tracks for several compilations on various record labels (including, bizarrely, a remix of The Fresh Prince and a cover of an REM song). He's also been asked to produce mixes for several online radio shows, and of course, to release a second album. He's also ended up designing several album covers for Pingdiscs and Touched Music.


On 29th Oct 2021, he finally performed his first gig, as a packed room at The Exchange Bar, Leicester was treated to a selection of album tracks, remixes and brand new material, which he has been working on for the second Idiac album - stay tuned for more details on that...